Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Dark Dreams Mini Series is Complete

I've always LOVED vampire romance in literature. I started out with the young adult reads, then evolved into the adult versions. I always wanted to give it a go writing my own, but wasn't comfortable to just dive in. I started with book one and then worked off reader suggestions to continue the series. However, when I reached the point of ending the series, my reader-driven story came to a halt. Out of the three that the main character could've ended up with, the readers voted, and it was a three-way tie. Oy! It took me years to finally finish because I didn't know which way to go, and I did finally finish using my husbands idea to write ALL three endings. So here it is, the four books of the mini-series, with three endings! 

Book #1, The 13th Floor
Book #2, The Otherside
Book #3, Time of Decision
And Book #4, the final book of the series, Conclusions

Luciana Mendez is a hard working editor for a fast paced, high-end fashion magazine in the city. Perhaps it’s the stress of an upcoming deadline for the biggest edition of the year that’s giving her nightmares. It might also explain the strange visions of the non-existent 13th floor in her office building.
Whatever it is, she starts having a hard time differentiating between what’s real and what’s not. If the dreams are real, she’s in big trouble, because something incredibly fast, large, and paranormal is stalking her deep in her sleep.
If it wasn’t for another being in her dreams, whose captivating scent and silver eyes she can’t seem to forget, she’d never go to sleep again. But with each slumber she falls deeper and deeper until she can’t fall anymore.

If you don't have a kindle but would like to read it, please contact me. 

Thursday, February 14, 2019

To Shoot or NOT to Shoot?

Hello, welcome to my blog, and the Don't Shoot Stupid Cupid Hop.

What's my answer? To shoot! 
I have my own special someone, I've been with him for 32 years, married for 27. Couldn't see myself with anyone else.

What about you? Would you, or wouldn't you? I'd love to hear your answer! 

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Sunday, January 13, 2019

Dark Dreams

Dark Dreams

Be warned, this is wordy with a lot of fun links to click on.

In September of 2013, I released a reader-driven novella, The 13th Floor (DD Novella #1), in September 2016 I released, The Otherside (DD Novella #2), and then wrote nothing in the series for a long time. Technically, looking at the dates the next one should be due out by September 2019. But I won’t make anyone wait that long. It’s been long enough.

After publishing those stories, I received positive feedback from a small group of new readers. They gave great reviews, but still I wasn’t feeling that I could take it where it needed to be, so I shelved it. It’s been bugging me ever since. It’s a paranormal series, but not ordinary by any means. Which made it fun to write and hopefully to read.

I wanted to get it going again in 2017, but I wasn’t feeling it then either. The problem? It was reader-driven. When requesting which of the two possible ways it could end, the feedback was 50/50. So, what’s an author to do? I proceeded to write the third book with the ending I wanted, and in doing so a third option presented itself. I introduced that option and well...it became a three-way tie.

During that time, I put things on hold to figure it all out, and I also tried to get involved with a few different venues that would allow me to publish the series for better publicity, but none of those worked out. They wanted something new and fresh, and the beginning of my story had already been published.

Early 2018 I got sick with an intestinal infection that messed me up for many months, physically and mentally. I didn’t write anything new, but edited a couple things, and read almost all my books to find some typos and minor errors – so I fixed those up, but that’s all I was capable of.

I still have chronic pain which I assume was from the illness, but after seeing a bajillion doctors and specialists and having just as many tests, I gave up when no one was finding anything. It was more stressful to keep going to the doctors, and as most of you know – stress is bad. By allowing myself time away from the medical field, I’ve been able to get stronger mentally, and physically (been hitting the gym with hubby – that’s a story in itself – maybe next month’s newsletter will have that tale).

In July 2018 I went to the SaSS Author Event in Norfolk, VA – that was a HUGE part of my wellbeing going in a more positive direction, and I started writing again as a result. Not a whole lot, but it was better than nothing. As 2018 progressed so did I. I’m not 100% where I was back in 2017, but I’m so much more myself than I have been, which makes me happy, I missed me!

Anyway, as for that damn series that’s haunted me for years. When I made a conscious effort to sit down and finish it, I couldn’t. My characters were holding me back, I was holding me back, and it had been so long since the last book was published that no one was asking for it. No pressure = no motivation.

One night I was complaining to my husband about the ending and how I couldn’t decide what to do, or who my main character, Luciana should end up with: Ethan the vampire, Nick the shifter, or the Lee the human. Hubby said, why not write all three endings. I was about to laugh it off and dismiss what he’d said, but then I started percolating on the idea. I was going to write them all and the one I liked best I’d publish.

But the one I liked might not be the one you liked…

Writing all three was a great idea since I couldn’t write it without each having their happy ending. Or I could’ve just killed them all off and left her alone, but that wouldn’t have pleased me, and would’ve pissed off a bunch of readers, and in my new plan I might be pissing people off too. Time will tell.

Book #3, Time of Decision will be out soon, keep an eye on my social media for dates. I’m at the mercy of my editor, but I plan to have it out by March or sooner if I can.

Book 3 will end in a cliffhanger, maybe?

I’m not a fan of cliffhangers, but it all depends on you if there is one!

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Catch up on books 1 & 2 before 3 comes out! 

1. The 13th Floor
2. The Otherside
3. Time of Decision (add to your TBR).

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