Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Dark Dreams Mini Series is Complete

I've always LOVED vampire romance in literature. I started out with the young adult reads, then evolved into the adult versions. I always wanted to give it a go writing my own, but wasn't comfortable to just dive in. I started with book one and then worked off reader suggestions to continue the series. However, when I reached the point of ending the series, my reader-driven story came to a halt. Out of the three that the main character could've ended up with, the readers voted, and it was a three-way tie. Oy! It took me years to finally finish because I didn't know which way to go, and I did finally finish using my husbands idea to write ALL three endings. So here it is, the four books of the mini-series, with three endings! 

Book #1, The 13th Floor
Book #2, The Otherside
Book #3, Time of Decision
And Book #4, the final book of the series, Conclusions

Luciana Mendez is a hard working editor for a fast paced, high-end fashion magazine in the city. Perhaps it’s the stress of an upcoming deadline for the biggest edition of the year that’s giving her nightmares. It might also explain the strange visions of the non-existent 13th floor in her office building.
Whatever it is, she starts having a hard time differentiating between what’s real and what’s not. If the dreams are real, she’s in big trouble, because something incredibly fast, large, and paranormal is stalking her deep in her sleep.
If it wasn’t for another being in her dreams, whose captivating scent and silver eyes she can’t seem to forget, she’d never go to sleep again. But with each slumber she falls deeper and deeper until she can’t fall anymore.

If you don't have a kindle but would like to read it, please contact me.