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Whether you’re a writer or a reader BDSM WRITERS CON 2014 is for you!

This conference, hosted by Dr. Charley Ferrer - America's BDSM Expert, is the only place where you will receive information on the fundamentals of Dominance and submission, feel safe exploring and perhaps experimenting a little at a BDSM Club and get to do it all while hanging out with your favorite authors or discovering new ones.

Below is a list of what readers AND authors can expect in addition to the ten workshops on BDSM topics taught by your favorite (soon to be favorite) authors on various aspects of Dominance and submission. 

·        Five Lifestyle LIVE Demonstrations
(taught by individuals who actually live the BDSM lifestyle)
·       Three Panels Discussions by Lifestyle Practitioners
     (addressing issues on relationships, creating scenes, and getting started)  
·       Two Workshops on BDSM fundamentals

That’s 10-workshops on GENERAL INFORMATION about BDSM. That’s in addition to all the workshops geared toward writers which hold valuable information, such topics as Healing and Catharsis, Polyamory and Ménage, From Novels to the bedroom, and more.

On top of that there are four (4) conference activities which are specifically geared toward author/reader interactions:  
Contest for the BEST BDSM (Unpublished) Book of the Year Award Ceremony (the prize is a book contract)
Reader/Author Mix & Mingle
A Night at the BDSM Club
Book signing Sunday
Click HERE for the tentative schedule for the Con.

Other featured authors:
Kallypso Masters – USA Today Bestselling Author
Cris Anson
Miranda Baker
Rose C. Carole
Samantha Cayto
Dr. Charley Ferrer
Desiree Holt
Kathy Kulig
Leia Shaw
Damon Suede 
Shannon West
Natalie Acres 
and more...

The BDSM Lifestyle Presenters:
MaryAnn TES
Traveling Fool

Live Demo's include:
Spanking & Discipline by Cassandra
Electrical Play by Jay & Maryann
Fire Play by Mistress Eva
Mummification by Sir Viktor

BUT THERE’S MORE:  several of your favorite authors are planning private parties for fans in their suites. Other authors are planning pre/post conference events for you to join them in.  

Register within the first 30-days (September 1 thru October 1, 2013) and you’ll receive $75 OFF the early bird registration costs. Only $275 to attend this amazing conference.

Plus, three lucky winners (who reserve their hotel room along with early registration) will be chosen at random to receive one of the following prizes:
(Prizes cannot be exchanged for cash. Prizes provide to winner on August 21, 2014.)

·         A free FULL conference registration for a friend/spouse (value $350)
·         One FREE-Night at the hotel (value $229)
·         One FREE 50-minute consultation with Dr. Charley Ferrer (value $250)

Registration opens midnight September 1, 2013   Click HERE to register! 

Sponsors clickable links:

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Cover Reveal - Hard As You Can, Laura Kaye

Avon is proud to announce the publication of  Laura Kaye’s second book in her hot Hard Ink series, HARD AS YOU CAN (On Sale: February 25, 2014).

Ever since hard-bodied, drop-dead-charming Shane McCallan strolled into the dance club where Crystal Dean works, he’s shown a knack for getting beneath her defenses. For her little sister’s sake, Crystal can’t get too close. Until her job and Shane’s mission intersect, and he reveals talents that go deeper than she could have guessed.

Shane would never turn his back on a friend in need, especially a former Special Forces teammate running a dangerous, off-the-books operation. Nor can he walk away from Crystal. The gorgeous waitress is hiding secrets she doesn't want him to uncover. Too bad. He’s exactly the man she needs to protect her sister, her life, and her heart. All he has to do is convince her that when something feels this good, you hold on as hard as you can-and never let go.

Pre-order at Amazon

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Summer Seduction Blog Hop


Welcome to the Summer Seduction Blog Hop! There are lots of fabulous giveaways from authors and book bloggers who love erotic romance. Be sure to hop along as you can and check everyone out. Along the way you will have opportunities to earn more entries for the big hop prizes:

A $75 Gift Card + a 7 ebook bundle or a 10 ebook bundle

So, just follow the link below or check out the link list in the sidebar and start hopping! Within three days of the hop's end on Aug 21st at midnight eastern time we will select the 2 winners of the overall hop and notify them via email as well as post their names on the site. The two winners will have three days to respond or another winner will be selected for their prize.

***And while all that's going on, I have a giveaway of my own. Comment on this blog and one winner will receive their choice of The Silken Edge, or Silken Desires, by Laci Paige in eBook format.
You can find out more about the Silken Edge series here.

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Let's get hopping!

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Helpless, by Shandra Miller

In Lethal Obsession, Detective Angela Martin found herself attracted to a new lifestyle, experimenting with BDSM practices, delving deeper into that world even while a killer was on the loose, tying and torturing women in ways eerily similar to what she was experiencing with her master.

Detective Martin returns in the erotic-thriller Helpless, where she descends into the worst parts of the BDSM world. In Lethal Obsession Detective Martin made some tragic choices, and now, in Helpless, she struggles to deal with the grief and guilt she arising from those choices, emotions manifesting themselves with increasingly self-destructive behavior. 

When she finally begins to emerge from that darkness, to reclaim parts of her life and career, the killer returns, only this time he hits closer to home, and Detective Martin stands to lose more than ever.

An excerpt from HELPLESS:

Her cry was met with a slap across the face. Not hard, but sharp enough to sting.

"More, please Sir."

He laughed, a quiet whisper of a laugh, then the sound of the leather strap slicing through the air followed, cut off by the snap of the leather against her ass.

Angela flinched at the contact, but could do little more. Her arms stretched overhead, wrists tied by a rope attached to the ceiling. Her legs were wide, a spreader bar between her ankles, each end lashed to those ankles so that she was unable to move. Her vision was blotted out by a black cloth tied around her head.

The leather kissed her skin again and again. She moaned from the pain, from the arousal, trying desperately to close her legs tight, to bring herself to climax.

"No you don’t," he whispered before shoving a piece of ice into her cunt.

She gasped, her heart racing even harder now.

"You belong to me," he whispered, hand tracing the contours of her bare breasts as he spoke.

"Your body, your sex…" he worked the ice back and forth. "Even your existence." His hand pulled away – the ice mercifully fell out, then she felt the pull of a rope tightening around her neck. He pulled until her air was nearly cut off, his other hand continuing to caress her breasts, fingers lightly rolling first one nipple, then the other.

"Ple…ase…" she rasped, fighting for breath.

"Please what?"


Her plea was cut off by his lips, pressing hard against hers, tongue plunging deep in her mouth.
She tried breathing through her nose, but couldn't catch her breath. Angela struggled, but was unable to move. Even blindfolded pinpricks of light began bursting in her vision, she felt light-headed.

"Tanner," she screamed.

Helpless, an erotica-suspense novel by Shandra Miller, is the sequel to Lethal Obsession. Helpless will be available for download to Kindle on Aug. 15, and available for Nook and for all formats at Smashwords shortly thereafter.

Lethal Obsession is available at:

To keep up with Shandra's writing and publishing schedule, visit her website at

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Guest post by Author Jess Hunter

Today at Laci's Place, I have JESS HUNTER – Author of FOR A HERO who apparently has met the girl of his dreams! Comment below for a chance of any one of Sable & Jess Hunter's ebooks - your choice.
This is an open letter to the girl who is his inspiration……..

"I hope you're happy."

You’re probably not going to read this, but I need to get it out. You’ve done something for me that I haven’t had in a long time. I feel inspired. You’ve made a manly, stoic, serious man like me feel feelings, and now I sit at a computer letting emotion-filled words spill out of my heart.
I met you online a few weeks ago. You caught my eye and I didn’t know what to expect when I arranged our first meeting. Coldly, I even kind of saw nothing happening in the beginning. I certainly wasn’t expecting what happened when I saw you for the first time. You’ve made for yourself a home in my thoughts. I’ve expressed a concern to my closest friends about you and the little sickness you’ve given me. Guys who play the game and peek behind the curtain of social dynamics call this sickness “one-itis” and it is feared across the world. It’s the dreadful, deathly end of a bachelor, either from marriage or heartbreak. Either way, it’s not good.
I pulled my best friend aside and we had a chat. He is also, unfortunately, succumbing to a similar ailment. We keep trying to coach each other back into reason and ration and rhyme and right and rule but we both announce our awareness of our sad states and then knowingly sink back into them. What’s wrong with us?
He has a little crush. He, like me, plays the game and wants to experience as many relationships as he can. He found someone at a party and has since been exhibiting very un-manly like behavior towards her. He texts her a lot. He asks her friends about her feelings toward him. He even performed the unforgivable “white knight” on her. Hopefully she was too drunk to remember really well…
I gave him this advice. “Easy, Bro. Your perception of her will color your behavior and direct the relationship. You have to detach from her emotionally and escalate things physically. She is like a cat. Your disinterest and authority will bring her closer to you.”
He nods. He knows I’m right. But before we can part, he directs the advice back to me. He knows also that I am doing the same stupid bullshit that he is. I respond. “No, Dude. This one is different.”
“How so?”
“Shit. I don’t know.”
But I do know. I just didn’t want to sound like a sissy to my friend.
After he left, I don’t know what he said to her. But judging by the way his messages to me have been filled with little emoticons, I have to assume that he has not followed my advice. That is a problem, because lives are made best when built around systems of rationality, causation and responsibility. The most unforgivable action is unreasonable behavior and I have stopped many relationships very early to avoid someone who may act unreasonably around me.
My brother (adopted) once said something very wise to me that I fought externally but felt the depth of truth behind. He said, “Jess, when you find THAT girl, you will think differently. You won’t care about your reasons or your contingencies or your plans. You will look back and find that you are behaving just as unreasonably as she is, and then you’ll know.”
Dammit, Woman. Today, I behaved stupidly unreasonable. And it’s all your fault. I don’t know how you did it. It was somewhere in your smile, hidden behind your character, flowing from your heart, and shapelier than those million dollar legs. Even though I see it, I can’t say it. It is an unknowable, intangible thing in you.
Maybe it’s your goodness. You are a much better person than me, or Sable for that matter. You have principles and ethics and passions that most people only pretend to have. Maybe it’s your purity. You are secluded from the world by your goodness and your brilliance and the world hasn’t gotten to know you yet. Maybe it’s your mind, your wonderful brain that can see truths and yet, magically adhere to ethereal standards. Are you for real? I’m going to be red-hot if you are pretending.
Regardless, you pissed me off today. You did something that, had you been ANY OTHER WOMAN, would have made me immediately cut you out of my life to prevent the pain that you would cause me. But I couldn’t. When you gave me your reason, (as women are wont to do, rationalization and all that) despite all the red flags going off in my head, I believed you. I trusted you. I had faith in you. And now, I wait. Our deadline ticks away, and I am at the mercy of fate, or destiny, or you, or God or whomever is going to decide how this maelstrom ends.
You pissed me off today, and I didn’t care. You made me want to fight for you. I am so mad at you, but when you text me, my face lights up like Christmas.
I needed to get this off my chest. I needed to express this unfamiliar feeling I am having. Maybe this is lust, maybe it is infatuation, maybe it is respect, maybe it is fury, maybe it is early onset Alzheimer’s disease.
All I know for sure is that I am trusting you. I am going out on a limb for you. My heart is in your hands, and when that moment comes, if it happens how my little Disney-taught prince mind wants it to happen, it will all have been worth it.
But dammit, Woman.
Anyway, I do need to thank you. You’ve got my mind on romance. You are showing me feelings that I have been trying to write in books for a while now. I need this. I need to want to express emotion like this. I need to want to write about falling in love and how incredible and unreasonable and stupid it is.
Because of you, you little brat, I will be writing words from the heart this week. I hope you’re happy.

I’ll See you Saturday

Here’s an excerpt from FOR A HERO
And the buylink: Amazon

David’s hands held on to her as if he’d never let her go. He created an unbreakable bond between them. So perfect was his connection to her that their breaths escaped simultaneously.
They slept for a while, content to just be in each other’s arms.
Slowly, Jenna awoke, looking up and around. There she lay, in his fortress, where only his most trusted and loved ones enter.
It was December 23rd. Even though Santa hadn’t left yet, this was the best present she could have asked for. 
“This isn’t the most perfect time, but I am feeling it right now. If I don’t let it out and tell you, I am going to burst.” David sat up; the radical change in body position mirrored his tone in magnitude.
Jenna rose to meet him in response. “What is it?”
“You have shown me that I don’t have to keep my walls up. You have shown me that I don’t need to keep searching for something else. If my mom and dad were alive, I am positive they would love you. They would be so proud of me if I brought you home.”
David’s voice caught a bit. Jenna’s eyes misted. “Thank you, David.”
“I want to spend the rest of my life with you.” He looked at her with sincere, hooded, fervent eyes. He took her hands in his and held them tightly against his chest, like he needed them there to breathe. “I want to marry you.”
Jenna gasped. The air stopped coming in and she didn’t even realize it. This was it. It could be the happiest day of her life, or the day she walked away from the best thing that had ever happened to her. Either way, the dreaded choice, that hung over her head like a macabre guillotine, had finally reached her waiting neck.
Jenna looked at him. She couldn’t deny it any longer. She loved him. With every piece of her heart, she loved him. They could work out the rest, right? She could talk to him about his job and his life; she could ensure that things would work out. She could be selfish just this once.
She opened her mouth, she was mostly sure that a strong ‘yes’ would come assertively out. However, David continued before she could say it.
“Say yes, and I will resign as the Fire Chief first thing. We can get a home together. We can start a farm in south Austin. We’ll have kids and raise corgi puppies together. It will be magical.”
Damn! He had to go and do it. He had to. Life can be a cruel bitch. The ‘yes’ came out, not as a word, but as a pathetic croak. Jenna shut her mouth, terrified of what to say. She couldn’t take him away from the city, away from his calling. Even if he hadn’t strolled into her life, and filled her heart with love and desire, she would still have understood how important and wonderful he was, just like the rest of Austin did.
But did she have the strength to say no? Could she deny herself the one thing she wanted most in the whole world?
Her hesitation was more obvious than she hoped it would be. David could see her trepidation written all over her beautiful face. Fear and dismay clutched his heart, squeezing it like a vise, and with an other-worldly effort, he pushed the panic aside and showed her none of it. His voice was as placid as a frozen river. “Don’t answer.” He couldn’t bear to hear anything but yes, he wasn’t ready. Damn him for not preparing for it. “Take your time to think about it.”
David got out of bed. He tried not to pace. He just stood and looked into nothing. After a moment, he spoke again. “I want you to be sure. It’s a big choice, so please think carefully.”
The clock was ticking on his resolve. Weakness could rupture at any moment. He had to get away. He started to put his clothes on quickly. “If you say yes, I will take you to get the ring tomorrow. If not, we will decide what to do after.” He went to the door and opened it before she had a chance to say anything. “Make yourself at home here. Unfortunately, I have to go to the Fire Hall for some business. I lo-” he stopped himself, closing his eyes in pain, he said one simple word.  “Bye.”
He was gone. Jenna lay in bed, still ravished from their love-making, alone and terrified. What had she done? She curled up in a fetal position and wept.

David had to get away. Had he stayed just a few moments longer, he would have embraced her and let this tsunami of emotion out that had been building for weeks. He decided to pour himself into his work for the evening. He must find whoever was behind this terrible game he was being forced to play.
He rushed to the Hall. With all the tricks he knew, he focused on the task at hand. He put everything aside. Blaine’s call at his mother’s was concerned but not informative. His friend took the news that Hank had handed him the envelope with a salty distrust. Although David defended him to a fault, Blaine’s final words hit him hard.
“Watch out.”
David sat behind the desk, in complete darkness. The lights of the city sliced through the room, tearing into the slits of the window blinds. He watched out, indeed. He watched out for himself. He watched out for his mother and for Jenna. They were as safe as he could make them. Blaine said ‘watch out’ as if David wouldn’t think to do that.
His heart pumped focus and presence into his mind. Would Jenna even want to be his to protect? Nobody knew where David’s loft was; they had never seen it or been in. Jenna was safe there, as long as she stayed.
No, David. Don’t think about the proposal. Focus. Solve the riddle.
He watched out.
The thought lingered. He wondered who out there could be watching out for him.

Jenna closed her eyes. Then she opened them. No. He was still gone. This wasn’t a horrible dream. It was a depressing, horrifying reality.
What was wrong with her? Why couldn’t she say yes? Oh yeah. Because he would be quitting his job and leaving the city in need, for her. Her mind reeled.
She fell down to the bed and buried her face in his firm, luxurious pillow. It offered next to no comfort to her. She began to cry.
Jenna realized she needed to talk to someone, if only she knew of a person who would listen and help her. She grabbed her phone and filtered through the contacts.
Not Maggie, she was in Dallas. Not Miranda, she wouldn’t understand. Not Ben, that’s a joke.
Then she found someone. The presence of her name in her phone number log was a refreshing reminder. David’s mom. She had given her comfort once before. She knew David better than anyone.
Jenna’s sniffles raised a hopeful pitch. She dressed quickly, got on the bus, and made the call.

Answers didn’t come to him in the night, only more questions, more worries, more fears. Some of David’s resolve began to grow again; his solitude healed his spirit, he began to recuperate slowly. The tension in his back was incredible; his flexed lumbar muscles pushed the back of the chair to an unnatural angle. He made fists with his hands and squeezed. He tunneled his thoughts, he focused his mind. David detached and hardened himself. He was ready. He finally felt it. He was ready for whatever it was. Bring it on.
As if his thoughts summoned it, the phone started to ring.
Blaine answered. “I figured you’d be up. You sound worried.”
“Have you found anything?”
“Yes, but your worry sounds heavier than just anticipation. What happened?”
Blaine’s perceptiveness never ceased to amaze him. “I don’t know if I am more nervous about what you discovered or Jenna. I proposed to her tonight, she didn’t have an answer right away, so I gave her some time to think about it.”
Blaine responded with his normal amount of supportive sarcasm.  “What? You just met her a week and a half ago. What do you think this is a Sable Hunter novel?”


Where to find Jess online:

Thanks for stopping by Jess, it was great to have you! Hope you come by again, and have fun Saturday ;)

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Cassia Leo's Release Day Blitz for Bring Me Home

Welcome to the 1:30PM slot for Cassia's Release Day Blitz (and giveaway)!

The breath-taking conclusion to the New York Times and USA Today bestselling Shattered Heart Series has been released TODAY; August 6, 2013.

"Sometimes letting someone go is the ultimate act of love."
Bring Me Home, by Cassia Leo

Claire Nixon is a college student with a past full of secrets and heartbreak. She was saved once by her first love, and rock star, Chris Knight. But when she encouraged Chris to leave town to pursue his dreams, both Claire and Chris didn’t realize it would be the biggest mistake of their lives.

After a devastating year apart and thousands of miles of distance between them, Claire met sexy surfer Adam Parker. With his awful jokes and profound patience, he helped Claire pick up the shattered pieces of her broken heart for the second time.

But now Chris has returned and he is willing and determined to make Claire’s dreams come true—the same way she did for him when she let him go.

With Adam’s former girlfriend in the picture, Claire finds herself torn between the new, passionate love she shares with Adam and the love and family she shares with Chris.

*ARC provided by author for an honest review*

I'm super excited to be a part of this as I've read each installment of the Shattered Heart series. I have to admit with Bring Me Home being the last book, I'll miss Adam, Chris, Claire and the rest of the crew. For me this series has been one of those reads that stays with you well after you've read it.

I've never read a story involving a love triangle and not been more for one male than the other. Never, and I think that was a huge part of the lure for me. It was brilliant story writing. When I finished reading Pieces Of You, I was seriously torn over who I wanted Claire to be with, but in the end it's all about who she loves and belongs to heart and soul. The first two books for me were four star reads, and this final one really brings it home (no pun intended), and I've given it five stars.

The final book shows our beloved characters maturing and making decisions that change them for the rest of their lives. Cassia did a fabulous job with the characters - I felt like I knew them, and that even goes for the second hand characters, too. Emotions and the actions of the characters were true to how I think they'd be in life. The entire journey from start to end tugged at my heart strings. I'm an emotional reader, and if you are too, make sure you have tissues nearby for this final installment.

 And now for TEASER #10


Chapter Two

You never know you’re making a mistake until it’s too late. Sometimes we know we’re taking a risk, but we always hope for the best. We hope that our mistakes will be forgiven, or at least forgotten. We hope that our mistakes will teach us something. Sometimes, unfortunately, mistakes are just mistakes that can’t be undone or forgotten.

I got the feeling that Claire was hiding something from me when I took her to the UNC vs. North Carolina State football game two weeks ago. We’ve spoken on the phone a few times a week since the night I surprised her at Cora’s, but our conversations are short and weighed down by this feeling that we’re both holding back. I want to ask her when she’s going to talk about the ring I gave her and I’m sure there are things she wants to talk to me about, but instead we speak as if we haven’t explored the depths of each other physically and emotionally. Like we’re strangers.

We met at the stadium two weeks ago in Raleigh, like some kind of fucking blind date or casual lunch with a friend. The walk across the parking lot and through the stadium to our seats was excruciatingly silent. I couldn’t even bring myself to tell a joke to break the ice. Something has shifted between us and it’s more than just the stench of the sweaty guy seated in front of us. 

About the Author:

USA Today bestselling author Cassia Leo loves her coffee, chocolate, and margaritas with salt. When she's not writing, she spends way too much time watching old reruns of Friends and Sex and the City. When she's not watching reruns, she's usually enjoying the California sunshine or reading--sometimes both.

Author website

**RELENTLESS - BOOK ONE (99 cents)**

The next stop will be at 2PM on Angie's Dreamy Reads!

Enjoy & don't forget to enter the contest below!

Author is giving away:
·         2 SETS of signed paperbacks of Relentless, Pieces of You and Bring Me Home
·         1 $25 Gift Card (winners choice of Amazon, B&N or iTunes)

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