Friday, January 31, 2014

February Lover, by Rebecca Royce

Aidan Roux fled New Orleans fifteen years ago, leaving behind a woman he loved. Planning to keep it light because he has no intentions of sticking around, he’s caught off guard by his mother’s health crisis. Forced to stay, he challenges Stacey to be his lover for February with no expectations of anything else.

Stacey never stopped wanting Aidan, but she’s not a girl anymore and she meets his proposition with one of her own. A hero, just back from Afghanistan, he’s the perfect guy for her calendar contest. If he wants her in his bed, he’ll pose for her camera.

Stacey and Aidan seem made for each other—but old hurts cannot be forgotten and love isn’t always enough…

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February is for lovers! Come celebrate the release of Rebecca Royce's February Lover. This sexy contemporary is set in New Orleans (yum) and features a second chance at romance for an Army doctor and the woman he left behind. New Orleans, military, medical, and a second chance at passion? Does it get better than this?

Enjoy games, prizes and more including 1 $20 GC (Amazon), 4 $5 GC (Amazon) and some backlist titles from Rebecca!

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 Need a sexy desktop calendar? Here ya go... Mr. February

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

I'm Face Blind

I'm pretty sure I have Prosopagnosia (a disorder of face perception), also known as Face Blindness. I've not been officially diagnosed with it, and I only have a mild form of it, but I can't remember faces that well. And I thought that was normal, that everyone was like me. Apparently not.

I didn't know this was a disorder until last year when I read about Brad Pitt in a May 2013 interview with Esquire Magazine, he said that he thinks he has face-blindness. His is pretty bad off, he can't remember people's faces at all when he walks away from them. I remember them somewhat. However, the more time that goes by I forget details. The faces just become blurry, blank, or at best a vague memory.

Had I not read that article on Brad I would never have known, and I would still be in my happy-faceless-little-world. Thanks a lot Brad. Because after I read that article, I thought, "Shit, that sounds a little like me."

Now when I can't sleep I lay in bed next to my husband and stare at him. Then I close my eyes and try to remember his face. I don't know why I do this, it's the same result every time. I see his face briefly behind closed eyes, then it starts to fade away. Then I grab onto one feature of his face and hold on to that memory. Like his nose, lips, or an eyebrow. But then I can never reassemble the whole face. So I open my eyes and look at him again trying to memorize it. It never works, and this causes me so much frustration. Again, Thanks a lot Brad!

When I go into my memory banks and try to recall a person, I have to think about the whole person. A full body shot if you will. I have more luck that way.

But I have to laugh when I think about it, I'd be a sketch artists nightmare. I'd remember everything else about the person though, but not facial details. A fat lot of good that would do.

Being this way really isn't an issue with writing, but it might explain why I don't go into major details when describing my characters. I'd never given it a lot of thought before. But no one's complained to me about it. So I might be safe there.

If I've met you, and spent more than an hour with you, once I come across you again my brain will let me know that I know you. I will recognize you, as long as I don't close my eyes we'll be okay. I might not be able to remember how I know you, or where from, but my brain will tell me that I know you. Aside from that, if you're a social media friend of mine or an acquaintance from waaay back, please don't be offended if I can't place you. Help a girl out and tell me who you are and how I know you.


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Monday, January 6, 2014

One Night with the Bridesmaid, By Sara Daniel

One Night with the Bridesmaid – New Release from Sara Daniel (@SSaraDaniel)

I’m celebrating the release of One Night with the Bridesmaid, a 1Night Stand novella that follows the maid of honor from One Night with the Bride. This is a short, super-sexy, stand-alone read. I hope you have as much fun reading Sabrina and Rob's story as I had writing it.

Gifted with a 1Night Stand, Sabrina Lopez decides to use the chance to hook up with a man who knows how to give a woman pleasure—a man she’d never have the nerve to approach in real life. Madame Eve exceeds her expectations with the opportunity of a lifetime—and the man of her dreams, movie director Rob Wellington. He might be out of her league, but she’s willing to risk it all for one night.

Believing Sabrina responsible for breaking up his brother’s wedding, Rob sets out to stop her from scamming her way into the groom’s bed—even if he has to take his brother’s place. The last thing he expected to discover was a woman he could love and hold for the rest of his life—if he can convince her that he wants more than one night….

If you missed One Night with the Bride, here’s a peek at it. (Both books are stand-alone, so you can jump into either story and feel right at home!)

When her society matron mother presents Caroline with a one-night stand date a week before her wedding, she’s appalled. Even worse, the encounter will take place at the fantasy ranch resort operated by her high school lover, Javier Alvarado. Although determined to remain faithful to her fiancĂ©, she’s tempted and intrigued to see her first love again. It’s not like she has to sleep with him.

But one look and kiss later, she yearns for the man she walked away from so long ago. Unfortunately, when Javier discovers Caroline is engaged, all he can see is deception and heartbreak all over again.

Can a 1Night Stand from Madame Eve reunite them or will one night with the bride sever their ties forever?

To celebrate the release of One Night with the Bridesmaid, enter the Rafflecopter for a chance to win a $10 Amazon gift card or a Captivating the CEO key chain.

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