Friday, October 14, 2011


I submitted my short story to a publisher. Now I play the waiting game.The one where I check my email three times a day. Well, I check it that often anyway, this time I have purpose.

These things take time, I know, but I can't help it. I'm not a very patient person to begin with. I hate waiting. Period. For this reason I hate: shopping, banking, DMV, concerts or any crowded event for that matter.

Take NASCAR for instance; I love to attend the races, and yet they are horrible for waiting. You wait all day. You show up early to get a good parking spot (the pro to that - you can tailgate), and then you make your way to the track only to wait in line for entrance. The walk to your seats could be miles away - literally. Which to me is like waiting in line. You are slowly herded to your seat in a huge crowd walking one mile per hour. Feels like a line to me. Then you get to your seat and wait for the race to begin. You only ever want to get up from your seat for food and the bathroom, and only during a caution, so you don't miss any of the race. Everyone else is in on that plan too, a caution hits and everyone runs to the concessions and the restroom. More lines. Fun. Not! The race ends. What happens? You have to wait in line to leave your seat and to get out of the track. Then you have to wait in line, in your car to drive off the property. Any yet, I still enjoy the races... only one thing I can conclude from this; I am crazy! :)

<3 Laci

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