Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Twilight - Breaking Dawn Part 1

Yes, I will be going to see Breaking Dawn Part 1. I will even be at the midnight showing. Yes, I admit, I'm a fan. I know that will make most of you gag. I can't help it.

I am really a fan of the books. The movies are just so-so, but they get better with time. Surely, that has to do with the movie budget growing.

Who's team am I on? In the books I was always on the fence so I call myself a part of Team Jedward :)

In real life I am team KLutz (the guy that plays, Emmet, one of the vamps)! That man in his skivvies? wow! I have his Calvin Klien ad hanging in my bedroom like a teenage girl. After I put that up, my husband found a magazine article with a hot pic of Katy Perry, and hung it up next to Kellan. LOL. Those are our temporary get-out-of-marriage-free-cards right there folks.

Who do you hold a card for?


  1. Aww, LOL, you and your husband must be really adorable. Going to watch Twilight breaking dawn this midnight with some friends and it's no field trip because they are all couples and I am the only single one in their midst, hopeless huh?

  2. Yeah, we get called that a lot haha. Nah, your not hopeless! It's just not your time yet. Keep the faith! :)

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