Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Meet Kelli Key - Erotic Romance Writer

In the spotlight today is Author Kelli Key! 

Kelli Key is historical romance author Killarney Sheffield's erotica romance alter ego. When not penning historicals Killarney enjoys gardening, showing her Thoroughbred Stallion 'Stamp de Gold' aka 'Love Monkey', playing guitar hero and dance with the kids and camping. She lives with her husband on 17yrs and 5 kids on a Canadian prairie cattle ranch. 

The trailer for her debut historical romance 'Guilty Kisses' won the June 2011 Covey Trailer award thanks in large part to a song loaned to her by Canadian Juno winning singer/song writer Gowan.
Website for Gowan: http://www.gowan.org  

Back Cover:

Liz is overweight, miserable and alone. When she walks into a bar
named ‘Lacey’s Lamp’ she has no idea what the future holds for her.
She doesn’t believe the red headed bar keep can grant wishes until she
finds herself transported back in time and the desire of every man she


Elizabeth forced her legs to carry her bulk around the corner and down
the next street. Just two more blocks. Oh, who was she kidding? There
was no way she could lose the two hundred pounds the doctor ordered at
this rate. Maybe he was right, maybe she should book herself into one
of those 'health spas' he suggested. She snorted and continued along
the sidewalk. 'Health spa'…more like fat camp for adults. They'd make
her exist on dry bread and salads for sure. With a sigh she decided
maybe she would call tomorrow and arrange a stay.

A flashing sign caught her attention. Oh good, the deli was still
open. She might as well enjoy one last night of cheesecake indulgence.
As she got closer she realized the flashing sign was not the deli's.
It was dark and obviously closed. She paused and read,
“Lacey's...Lamp...Lacey's...Lamp. It flashed in bright neon pink. Huh,
must be a bar. Normally a bar was not the type of place she
frequented. After all, what guy would be interested in a three hundred
and forty eight pound woman, with blonde hair that was naturally as
curly as a poodle’s, no matter how many times a day she straightened

Buy link: http://museituppublishing.com/bookstore2/index.php?page=shop.product_details&flypage=flypage.tpl&product_id=502&category_id=64&option=com_virtuemart&Itemid=1

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