Monday, May 27, 2013

The Replacement, by Justyce Rayne

The blurb for The Replacement

...To save a life, one must be willing to open their eyes to what it truly means to die... 

The task of the Replacement is to uphold that very idea. Keep quiet, do your job without any hiccups, and the Council will remain ever you ally.

For Jackson McFlaurey, this should have been simple. A predictable, first time assignment as a rookie Replacement. Unfortunately, he'll learn, even in a world of balance there are no absolutes and betrayal to the powerful Council will have him fighting to survive.

How can Jackson win such a challenging battle to sustain his humanity when he's already given his soul to Death?


Death…known throughout eternity as the Dark One, 
the Grim Reaper, the one for whom the bell tolls. For many 
eons he‟d been distraught over the increasing number of 
lost souls. Therefore, Death went to request an audience 
with the Higher Beings known as The Council.

His hope was to be allowed to gain a spirit's possession 
before their predestined time of departure. The cold one 
pleaded his case with the emotions of one who‟d grown 
weary of the struggles he faced on a daily basis. He no 
longer wished to watch the suffering that only a lost soul 

After a long deliberation, the Council of Universal Law 
approved the change within the original Documentation of 
Mortality and bestowed the gift of early soul removal to 

Little did he realize how heavy of a workload he would 
have and when the recent death tolls of those aged fourteen 
to fifty increased, he knew he needed help. Not only that, 
but when the bodies separated from their spiritual energy 
they would decay within a twenty-four hour period, leaving 
many instances of unexplained phenomena for the living. 
The Council then created a compromise to maintain the 
physical form until its natural end was conceived.

Hear my story. Learn my tale. 
Born from Death—I am the Replacement. 


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