Tuesday, February 17, 2015


Come join in on the fun for a full 24+ hours; meet new authors, add books to your TBR list, and participate in games and giveaways. Hopefully you will meet new-to-you kink/bdsm authors that will make your auto-buy list!  24 HOURS OF KINK (see author schedule below).

All times are listed USA - EST.

(Disclosure - *Any and all giveaways are in no way shape or form endorsed by facebook).

Friday 2/20 EST
* 1730-1800 Welcome!
* 1800-1830 TammyJo Eckhart
* 1830-1900 Christie Sims and Alara Branwen
* 1900-1930 Author Carrie Anne Ward
* 1930-2000 Teresa Noelle Roberts
• 2000-2030 Cari Silverwood
• 2030-2100 Katy Swann
• 2100-2200 Gray Dixon
• 2200-2230 Erika Masten
• 2230-2300 Aurelia Evans
• 2300-0000 Tara Crescent

Saturday 2/21 EST
• 0000-0100 Arden Aoide
• 0100-0200 Scarlett Flame
• 0200
• 0230
• 0300
• 0330
• 0400
* 0430
• 0500
• 0530
• 0600
• 0630
• 0700-0730 Olivia Rigal
* 0730
• 0800-0830 Helena Stone
• 0830-0900 Rebecca Grace Allen
• 0900-0930 Tamsen Parker
• 0930-1000 Rachel De Lune
• 1000-1030 Shaunna Peterson
• 1030-1100 Silk Jones
• 1100-1200 Travis Luedke
• 1200-1300 Barbara Carrellas
• 1300-1400 Cecilia Tan
• 1400-1500 Skye Callahan
* 1500-1530 Christina Mandara
• 1530-1600 Sherri Hayes
• 1600-1700 Amy Valenti
• 1700-1730 Ann Mayburn
* 1730-1800 Sierra Cartwright
• 1800-1900 Madeleine Shade
• 1900-2000 Paige Matthews
* 2000-2030 Laura Antoniou
* 2030-2100 Mardi Maxwell
* 2100-2130 Joey W. Hill
* 2130-2200 S Renea Mason Bates
* 2200-2300 Anastasia Vitsky
* 2300-2330 Eden Bradley-Eve Berlin
* 2330-0000 Jacintha Topaz
* 0000-0030 Dakota Trace
* 0030-0100 Jade Onyx
* 0100-0130 Jenna Barton
* 0130-0200 P.t. Macias
* 0200-0230 *The End*

Not too long ago I participated in a facebook event and many people in other time zones couldn't make it due to the time difference and their work/sleep schedules. So I thought it would be cool to include all time zones in a 24 hour period to open more of an opportunity for people to join in live for the fun, and not have to read about it after the fact. 

It was awesome in theory, but looking at the schedule you can see that between 2AM & 930AM EST we have only one author signed up. So my dream of 24 straight hours of kink wasn't doable, BUT by extending the event a few hours earlier and a few hours later, we conveniently have a total of 24 hours of kink! And that makes me just as happy!
There's an amazing list of authors scheduled, and I hope you're just as excited as I am about that!

I'm Laci Paige, erotic romance author, and I've been writing kinky stories for only a few short years, but it's addictive, and even while trying to write outside of the genre my characters want to get a little freaky. I'm mostly known for the Silken Edge stories which are a five book fictitious series about a group of people who are into the BDSM/Kink scene. Each book follows a different couple as they grow and learn to discover more about themselves in the lifestyle and their relationships. They are light BDSM/Kinky reads (with the exception of #2). The books can each be read as a stand-alone, but it would benefit the reader to learn the characters in the order the books were written.

While I'm not exactly scheduled in the event (I'll be lurking around though), I still want to have a giveaway of my own for you guys.

So, I'd like you to try and remember that first kinky read that made you want more. Mine was from a Decadent Publishing giveaway I won, called Forever Bound by Stacey Kennedy. That was my first and I remember I wanted more after.

And if you haven't already, go check in at the Roll Call, it's been interesting to see where everyone is from!   24 HOURS OF KINK


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