Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Strong and Silent - Now Available!

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Bonds of blood are strong...

Kelli loves men in uniform, and it isn’t unusual for her to hook up with members of her brother’s Navy SEAL team. When her brother finds out, their relationship is strained, but when he‘s injured on a mission, she drops everything and goes to him. Then she starts seeing his longtime best friend in a new way and the attraction may be mutual. Will that destroy her already strained relationship with her brother?
...but so are the bonds of love.

Todd is a SEAL through and through, but grown-up Kelli has caught his eye. Too bad she’s the sister of his teammate and best friend. When her brother Mike is injured, Todd is there to help them both through it, and what began as interest, sparks into something more. His life isn’t easy, though, and his career is his life. Will he lose the best thing he’s ever known because he can’t let go of the job?

Love is the mission that may end up costing them the most.

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Available on Amazon for $2.99 the new release price, it will go up to $3.99 after. Also available on Smashwords. Will be on other retailers sites shortly, keep an eye on my social media for links!

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