Sunday, January 20, 2013

First Book of 2013 and My First Training Bra

What was the first book of 2013 that I read?    My own...The Silken Edge

I had to. I needed to. I found an error and needed to be sure there weren't others. I quickly corrected the minor errors and re-listed the revised edition. So, if you were one of the ones to buy it in December then head to Amazon and ask Customer Service for the updated version (it's free).

Thinking back, way back, my favorite author as a child/teen was Judy Blume! She made me feel like a normal girl buying my first bra and starting my period. That shit's scary for a kid. To this day I am thankful for Judy and her book - "Are You There God It's Me Margaret". Because I was a shy kid and wouldn't have asked the first thing about it to any one.

We did have a informational day in 4th grade for the girls (and they could bring their mothers if they wanted to). I can't remember if mine came with me or not, but she knew about it. They sent a flyer home and explained what they were doing, and also gave parents an out if they didn't want their kid to sit through the talk.

Then I remember later on in a different grade, 5th I think, I had a male teacher, and again they separated boys from girls for a talk. I don't know what the boy talk was, but we discussed personal hygiene and how to keep clean, why, and how to use deodorant. I also remember the poor female teacher who had to show us how to use a tampon and pads. She took the tampon and put it in a clear glass of water so we could see it expand. I was amazed. I went home and tried it out with my moms because it looked so cool! But most of the girls were freaking out. It was funny, but I would never have spoken about it with anyone.

I learned a lot of stuff from friends who couldn't talk to their parents, they felt at ease around my mother so they would ask her the tough questions. I almost died one day when my best friend asked her if you could get pregnant from a blow job. My mom kept her cool about it, and I gotta give her props for that. She had to know that blow job had happened for my friend to be concerned enough to ask and she held it together.

I think there were two most embarrassing days around my mom. First was the day she took me to buy a training bra at Sears. Yep, Sears - a store full of man things, like tools and things. The second was when I actually got my period for the first time and had to tell her. Both times I think I blushed so hard my face felt like it was melting off!

But enough about that, I don't know if in this day and age a book like Judy Blume's would help anyone as it did me. Nowadays kids learn stuff so easily in school from peers. Both of my kids knew just about everything when I sat down to have the talk with them. Now that they are teens I think they know more than me, and could school me on a few things. It's a scary, scary world out there.

Here is the link for "Are You There God", if you're interested:
Are You There God It's Me Margaret

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