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Rite's of Spring Blog Hop

Welcome to the Rite's of Spring Blog Hop, sponsored by Jessica E. Subject & Heather Long! 

This is an excerpt from The Silken Edge - It's about Kristy's first time working with a personal trainer... (and don't forget to enter the two different contests below after you're done reading, also don't forget to visit the other blogs participating in the hop). Enjoy!

Jake looked her way when she came in, smiled, and then he turned his attention back to the health and fitness magazine in his lap.
His head snapped up at her greeting. She wasn’t surprised. She'd never actually spoken to him since joining the 24 hour gym years before.
“Good afternoon. How may I help you?” He tossed his magazine aside and gave her his undivided attention.
“I’m interested in a personal trainer. I know I’ve declined the offer before, but I think it’s still in my contract.” She smiled warmly.
“Yes ma’am, from what I remember you have the premium membership. That entitles you to everything we have to offer. Trainer included.”
She didn’t like being called ma’am; it made her feel older than her thirty nine years. “Please, call me Kristy.”
“All right…Kristy. Did you have anyone in mind you’d like to work with?” He almost looked hopeful in a boyish way, reminding her of his age.
“I don’t really know the other trainers that well. Are you available?” Her heart thundered in her chest as he typed a few keystrokes into the computer.
His lips pulled into a smile. “I have a few early mornings and one late evening slot open this week. If you’re flexible, then I don’t think that’ll be a problem.”
“I’m sure we can make it work.” A swell of happiness raced through her.
“Great, I have some time right now. Let’s go do your initial assessment to see where you stand and discuss your goals.”
After weighing in, checking her BMI, and measuring her strength and flexibility, they discussed what she wanted to achieve. His hands were all over her in a professional manner and she didn’t once have carnal thoughts. She was proud of herself.
“I understand as we age we lose muscle mass and bone density. I’m getting old and want to maintain a healthy body and my strength.” Her age was something that bothered her the past few years.
Jake glanced lazily over her. “Kristy, you have a great body, and you are not old. Some of your muscles are stronger on one side than the other. We’ll try to get you evened out and build up your core strength. How does that sound for starters?”
She loved hearing him speak of her body. “Thank you, that sounds great.”
“Okay, so why don’t you go over to the treadmill with Sherry, and walk for fifteen minutes to warm up. Then we’ll hit the machines.”
She did a double take and sure enough Sherry was there. How did he know her? Must be from the gym, but she never saw the two talking.
Once on the treadmill, Sherry gave her a sly smile but didn’t say a word.
“It’s not what you think. I thought I could use a personal trainer.”
“Uh, huh. And you just happened to choose hot sexy Jake.” Sherry continued to grin away and plugged up with her ear buds before Kristy could get another word in.
When her time was up, the machine beeped, and Jake came over. “Ready?”
“As I’ll ever be. Let’s do this.”
She stepped off the machine, looking to the ground to be sure not to trip. When she glanced up, a look passed between Jake and Sherry. As if they had a secret. She and Sherry never kept anything from one another before. At least not that she knew of, but now she had to wonder.
Jake led her to the hip adductor machine to work on her hip and thigh area, he showed her how to adjust the bench and the weights. Starting her off light, he explained, “We’ll add more weight and repetitions as you progress.”
Jake motioned for her to sit on bench. Once she was seated, he told her to put her knees around the pads. She did as instructed and he leaned over her to grab a lever. When he pulled on it, the pads spread her legs wide. “There, that should be good. It’s not too much, is it?”
Her cheeks felt hot at having her legs spread apart. She felt exposed. “No, it’s fine. Thank you.” She fought to focus on her workout and not on being distracted by the ceiling to floor mirror before her. Part of the machine obstructed the view of her body, but she could clearly see Jake watching her. Heart rate pounding, she knew it was part due to her exertion, and part Jake. He drove her crazy.


 Title: The Silken Edge (#1)
Author:    Laci Paige
Publisher:    Self-Published
  Adult/BDSM, erotic, cougar/May-December
Heat level:  4
Length:    212 pages
Release Date:    12/12/12


After her longtime boyfriend dumps her, Kristy craves a change in her life. Her best friend, Sherry, is into the BDSM scene, and on a whim and a bet, Kristy finds herself in the playroom at an exclusive club. A disguised Dom named Master Jay uses sensation play and a piece of silk to help her discover the world of kink. She finds it enjoyable and addictive, but what she doesn't know is that Master Jay is really Jake, a much younger man to whom she's strongly attracted.

For the past couple of years, Jake quietly watched Kristy in his gym. He doesn't care that she’s older than him; he wants her. When the virgin BDSM sub he’s hired to train ends up being Kristy, Jake almost falls apart. During the scene they play at the club, he fantasizes about getting her into restraints in his own playroom. But Kristy is shocked when she learns that the two men she desires are one and the same. Can Kristy who’s led a vanilla sex life, and Jake, who knows nothing but kink, find a future together?


You can purchase The Silken Edge at: Amazon   *It will also be available April 2013 at other fine eBook retailers! 

Author Bio:
When Laci’s not reading or writing she can be found spending time with her husband supporting their children. Laci enjoys camping, hiking, and photography (and all things chocolate). She currently resides in Hampton Roads, VA. 

You can find Author Laci Paige at:

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  1. Silken Edge is filled with emotions that will tear at your soul, fill your thoughts with joy and foreboding at the same time. The characters are not only well developed, but ones that I can identify with even though the life style is not what I would choose for myself. A must read for anyone who enjoys the wonders of BDSM or the reerie of human sensuality. Thank Laci for creating and sharing her lurid muse's thoughts.

    1. Thanks so much for your elegant words Jerry! They mean a lot.

  2. Thanks for participating, Laci! :)

  3. Thanks for participating, Laci! :)

  4. Silken Edge sounds like an awesome story. Definitely want to read more of this one.
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