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FREE READ, by Jacquelyne Alberta - I Have My Husbands Permission

  • Great read, sexy, erotic, fun, and humorous are all words used to describe, I have My Husbands Permission, by Jacquelyne Alberta, and it has received 5-star ratings on Amazon. Read on and see if it's something you'd like, because here's your chance to check it out for FREE! Yep, that's right...FREE! The link is at the bottom of this post, but you might not want to skip out on the smoking hot excerpt Jacquelyne has shared with us... *fans self* See for yourself... 

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Jessica’s husband, Adam, is going through some changes. First, he writes an erotic novel and sells it online, using her name as the author’s name. Then, as sales take off, and male admirers start chatting to them on the internet, he convinces her to assume the role of the sexy female author and flirt with them. As the men want more information, and ask to meet her, Adam does what Jessica never imagined he ever would-he gives her permission!

Through a series of trysts, Jessica re-enacts different chapters from Adam’s book. She has a kitchen scene with the chef, a bedroom liaison with the gardener, and Adam even encourages her to meet the stable-boy in the stables. Working her way through different chapters and different men, she knows there is more to Adam’s behavior than selling books, she just can’t figure out what it is.


He’s a little taller than I imagined, but then again all I’ve seen is his penis picture from the emails and I don’t really remember it all that well. It’s hard to judge how tall a man is going to be from a picture of his penis anyways, isn’t it? And his voice, it’s some kind of an accent. Russian, maybe? He has the darkest eyes, too, smoldering? Is that a word? Is that what smoldering looks like? My husband would know. He’s the writer after all. I’ll describe them to him later and he can tell me.

“Could you just sit down on the kitchen chair, please, and open your legs to either side of it.”
I’m wearing a crisp white apron. It’s brand new; I just picked it up at the outlet store this morning. And that’s, um, all that I’m wearing. Yep, that’s me. I’m the one with the short cropped hair and tanned skin, and nothing else at all. It feels very strange to be dressed, or rather not dressed, like this, but I must admit that my skin looks really good against the white apron.

“Good, thank you.” 

He’s standing back a bit and watching me. Flip! Is that his cock pushing through his pants? Wow, it’s huge; that really is a big cock.

“My, you have such a cute little look of expectation. I will allow that, my Jessica.” His accent, wow, it’s so rich, so masterful.

“Now, I'm going to look under that front flap of your apron. And you know what I’m going to find, don’t you? Yes, that is lovely, absolutely lovely.”

He’s lifted up the front of my apron. I should breathe. I remember breathing in, but I feel like I haven’t breathed out in a while, maybe not even since he walked into the kitchen. That’s a long time to not breathe out. Yes, I really need to breathe out. This isn’t good. Oh, my gosh, my golly gosh, he’s touching me. He’s putting his finger on the lips of my...

“And let me just put my finger there and see if it's as wet as I imagined it would be.
Mmmmmm, very tasty, and wet. Thank you, Jessica. I like the way your mouth is slightly open right now. Keep those lovely legs of yours open, honey. I have big plans for that lovely little pussy of yours, very big plans.”

“Let's just roll that apron flap up so that it doesn't get in the way of my face while I'm down there tasting you, honey. Good, yes, you can help, but I don't want you to hold the flap. I want you to hold onto the sides of the chair. Good, that's right, very good.”

He’s talking to me as if I’m a child and I don’t care. I really don’t care. Just touch me again. Touch me again and put your fingers back where you just had them please, please.

“Whatever you do, Jessica, keep holding onto that chair, honey. I’m just going to kneel down here and hold your legs open, gently, just like that. You’ll open them for me anytime I ask, won’t you, my love?”

I’m nodding. I’m nodding and my mouth is hanging open and I’ll do anything this man tells me to do. That’s the deal. He wanted to re-enact the kitchen scene from the book. I’m the lady of the house and he’s going to taste my womanly area. That was the deal and that’s what we’re going to do.

“There, now, let's see if we can keep that incredible little mouth of yours open all the time while I taste you. I'm sure you're going to taste delicious and once I’m finished, I'm going to bend you over and give you my cock. Yes, I'm going to push that wetness open and slide my big, thick cock into you over and over again. And then I'm going to cum inside you. First, I need to taste you though, honey, get comfortable, hold onto that chair.”

Oh, my gosh, oh, my golly gosh. I want to hold his head. I want to pull his head into my crotch. This man has the sweetest mouth, tongue, and he’s lapping at my pussy like it’s, oh, shoot, I don’t know. It’s good. It’s so, so very good.

“Oh, fuck, you like that don't you. You like my mouth there. Let me just kiss those lovely pussy lips. I’m going to taste the master’s property. I’m going to taste the master’s lady.”
The windows are open and the curtains are blowing a little bit. I can feel the breeze on the top of my head. There's some noise outside, too, people talking maybe, but I don't care. I don’t care about anything right now. I just keep leaning back and holding onto the chair, just like he told me to.

His head’s up, he’s saying something now, “Sweet delicious Jessica.”
He’s holding onto the back of the chair and pulls me towards him. Holy moley, I’m bucking, bucking into him. Holy, holy moley, his hands have slipped under my behind now. They’re holding me from behind. His hand is on my behind, my bottom. Yes, that’s it, my bottom. His hand is on my bottom and pulling my pussy into his face.

“My cock is burning a hole in my pants, Jessica. It's getting so hard, every time I put my tongue into you or suck on your lips it pulses like it’s going to burn right through.”

That accent, oh, my goodness, that accent. His face is wet with my love juice, that’s what my husband, Adam, calls it, my love juice. He has one hand on my behind, I mean my bottom, and the other is playing with my pussy and I’m still bucking, bucking forward.

"Fuck, Jessica, you’re enjoying this, aren’t you? You’re enjoying having the hired help eat your tasty little cunt. My lady, you're going to satisfy my cock like you've never fucked a cock before. I'm going to slide into your wet little hole and split those lips wide open. Fuck, my cock so needs you, very soon."

Oh, that got me. That did it. Holy, double moley, now I’m bucking, now I’m, oh, my world. Everything up till now was mild compared to this. I’m squealing and stifling my voice at the same time. All that’s coming out is a moaning noise. The voices outside the window seem to have stopped. Are they listening to us? Do they know what they’re listening to? They’re probably trying to figure out if it's an animal or someone in distress or? I don’t care. I really don’t care.

I’m holding onto the back of his head now. I have to; I have no choice. I’m clinging to his dark black hair and bucking my pussy against his face. My boobs, oh, my gosh, my boobs are on the top of his head as we bounce around. He’s lifting me up now, right out of the chair. My goodness, he’s strong. His hands are under my bottom. I’m not heavy, but he’s holding onto me as though I’m weightless.

I’m finished. My high squeal is gone. I try to speak but I can’t. All that comes out is a soft satisfied moan. It sounds as though I've been hurt.

Mmmm, he’s put me back down, onto the chair again, and he’s stroking the outside of my legs, softly, nice and softly, and kissing the skin on my thighs, too.

He looks up at me as if he’s asking permission to go further. That wasn’t how it was in the book. They were interrupted and it ended right there. Well, this isn’t a book.
I look into his eyes and he knows. He knows. I’ll do anything this man tells me to do now. Anything.

I’m in his arms as soon as he offers them to me. He scoops me up and holds me close. The apron unravels a little and I look at him, making sure that it’s okay. He just smiles back and carries me towards the bedroom. It’s okay. I’m sure it’s okay. I don’t think we’ll be needing the apron anymore.

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