Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Elevator Sex, White Wine, Cats and a Giveaway

I'm really excited today to be hosting an interview with the sexy, sassy Ciara Ryan. If you haven't read her stuff, or aren't following her on facebook, you should. 

I'm in a good mood, and feeling a bit generous. I'm thinking maybe a giveaway is in order...But let's not keep Ciara waiting:

1.     Ever since word got out about Fifty Shades of Grey, and Christian’s twitchy palm wanting to smack Ana’s ass, the world of erotica seems to have exploded. Have you noticed an increase of interest in your stories as a result?

It's kind of a tricky question to answer. First off, I think it's great that the Fifty Shades books brought erotica into the spotlight, but I think it's kind of a double-edged sword in a way. Whenever something, and I mean anything, becomes so popular, so fast, the market is bound to get saturated. I'm relatively new to the whole self-publishing world and so far the Fifty Shades boom hasn't really helped with interest in my stories. I definitely think it opened the door for me a little bit more, but it also opened the door to anyone who has a story to sell and can figure out how to upload it. Five years ago, the boom would have been good for the select few who were already out there, but now, it's even harder to get your stuff seen because there is so much, but hopefully I'll be one of the lucky few who floats to the top when all is said and done.

Laci: I couldn't agree with you more, Ciara. It's a tough world out there in self publishing, and not being a part of the Big Six out of NY, you have to market on your own. That in itself is a job.

2.     What drew you to write for the erotic genre?

I'd always loved to write as a child. A single sentence in the margin of one of my notebook; a paragraph or story idea written on a scrap piece of paper here and there. So the writing bug has always been there. A guy I dated in high school showed me an episode of The Red Shoes Diaries one night when we were in his room. Not only did he get the best sex of his life that night, but it also turned the focus of my writing in another direction. There had always been this story, this movie playing in my head, but now the movie got steamier. The stories no longer stopped when the boy and girl in my head kissed, they went further. The boy started getting to second base, then third base and eventually the stories got downright naughty, as you're well aware, Laci. Like all writers, I have these characters and stories in my mind that are screaming to get out, so I write them down. You get such a rush from writing down your fantasies. You can mold them, shape them into the vision in your mind and go back and read them later.

Laci: Hmmm, makes me wonder what's in that head of yours that we don't know about, yet.

3.     Do you have any kink in your stories? Or just good-hard vanilla sex?

Hmmmm. That's a good question. You won't find anything too bizarre in my stuff, at least, I don't think so. You get sex between a man and a woman, multiple partners, there's anal in there, but nothing I personally think is too far out there. I'm always growing as a human being and a writer, expanding my horizons, who's to say that I won't get kinkier as I grow. 

Laci: Looking forward to your growth ;)

4.     After reading "But I Need This Job", I’m dying to know, have you ever had sex in an elevator? Or at work behind closed doors?

Oh God yes, it's amazing. There is that rush of wondering if the door is going to open and a group of nuns will be standing there, jaws dropped the second they see you pinned to the wall with your skirt hiked up. It's not the most comfortable sex you'll ever have, but it sure as hell is one of the most exciting. I'm a photographer. I don't like a lot of people on my sets and I'd be lying if I said that some of the models don't turn me on. That being said, not every Ciara shoot is a wild, free-sex party, but I have taken a few "breaks" that certainly qualify as interesting.

Laci: Adding "Elevator Sex" to my bucket list. And, oooh, where does one sign up to model? Or just watch? LOL. Both men and women have beautiful bodies, I can't blame you for getting hot and bothered sometimes.

5.     You’ve received really good reviews; apparently your stories leave people wanting more. Do you have plans for anything in the future?

I try to stay as far away from anything with review, or critique in it, so that is nice to hear. I have lots planned, but that isn't anything new with me. I was planning on starting a new series about bartenders and their sexy encounters with customers, but that has been shelved for the time being, because I actually had this great idea for a series. It's still in its infancy, but I'm soooooo excited about it. The tentative title is Cold Water Canyon. It's about a small, but affluent community in Kentucky. There's going to be drama, intrigue, sex, gossip, sweetness, backstabbing. You name it, it's gonna be in there. I wanted to do it like a soap opera. I've got a friend, a really big writer helping me plot it out. I love doing the steamy short stuff, but I'd like to move into bigger stories, stuff around 20,000 words or so, maybe more and this is my first foray into that. Hopefully it works out. Did I mention I'm soooooo excited about it?

Laci: I kinda get this feeling that you're super excited about this new series! I can't blame you, it sounds like a good one. I can't wait for it! So, write faster!

6.     What do you think makes a good erotic story?

Build up. Guys get turned on by naked breasts, us girls need more than that. I personally need a bit of a back-story, I need to get into the characters, care about them, hate them, anything, not just have the pizza delivery guy show-up at the door and BAM!!!, let's have sex. Tell me why they are having sex. I want to be seduced by the story. Tell me, now wait, better yet, show me what about this guy makes this girl want to have sex with him. What's so special about him that she allows him to take her to her limits, allows him to have her.

Laci: Mmmhmmm, build up ;) works for me, and...what happens with the pizza guy? LOL

7.     Favorite sex toy?

A man :) If there isn't a worthy one handy; I prefer my own touch. I'm kind of old-fashion that way. Dildos are great and vibrators were a gift from God himself, but I like my own touch.

Laci: Yes! Men, always the top choice in my book, but I have this purple bunny, it's my fave. I'd take it over my own touch any day :) But I'm just an orgasm whore like that.

8.     Lingerie, take it or leave it?

I could be cleaning out the liter box, but if I have lingerie on, I feel sexy, so I'll take it.

Laci: Me too! While it doesn't stay on long when my man is around, I just like the look on his face when he sees me in it. That alone is worth the price tag. 

*Top or bottom? (Sexual position)
Top. Weird, huh? I love seeing the pleasure on his face and I love being watched. I'm kind of a performer in bed.
*Oral sex – giving or receiving?
Receiving. I know, I'm  greedy bitch. Oh well.
*Kissing during sex – with or without tongue?
These are tough choices, Laci. Damn! With. Yep. Final answer. With.
*Red or white wine?
Zinfandel is my favorite, but I'd choose white, red gives me a headache.
*Cats or Dogs?
Cats. I have two myself and a guard dog named Zeus who is just about the cuddliest dog you'll ever meet, unless you look at me the wrong way.

~Tell us FIVE things about yourself that no one knows, can be anything:
1 Natalie Portman could make me go lesbian.

2 I bought my dad a pair of knockoff Gucci sandals last year for Christmas.

3 I also got myself a knockoff wallet.

4 I got two speeding tickets in Italy when I was eighteen. I didn't pay either one of them.

5 I kissed Robbie Markham in the laundry room at Becca Turner's birthday party in grade six.

Thank you so much for stopping by today Ciara. It's been a blast! I do think we should do this again one day. In fact, give me a ring when you get that series underway and we'll chat about that! 

Just about the only place you're sure to find Ciara, is at Churchill Downs on the first Saturday in May, a tradition she never misses. A small town girl from Bliss, Kentucky, Ciara is a country girl with city sensibilities. With a bit of luck and some savvy investing advice from her uncle, Ciara was able to parlay the profits from years spent as a child model, into a future for herself, one that included graduating a proud Wildcat and opening up her own freelance photography business. Whether she's taking pictures of the wildlife in her home state, or snapping shots of the runway in Milan, Ciara always has a story in her head that needs to be told. Her only requirements to write are a cashmere sweater, a glass of wine and your willingness to be seduced by her words.

Here's where you can find Ciara and her sexy self, and pick up a copy of her stories, click on the links:

Excerpt from But I Need This Job: Allie
   God I was turned on.
   Mark moaned when I unhooked his belt, pulled back his waistband and cooed when I got a glimpse of his colossal dick, which was staring me right in the face. I wanted to feel the steely hammer that he possessed, and my hand was on it before he could take another breath.
   His cock was like steel covered silk, and my hand slid up and down it with ease, although it seemed to take forever to go from the head to his tight balls.
   His eyes had all but rolled back into his head by this point, so I knew that I was the one in charge, and he would do what I said. 
   The elevator binged to a stop and I saw that it was my floor. The doors opened, and Lisa was standing there with her coat in her hand. Her jaw dropped when she saw whose pants I presently had my hand down.
   “Get on,” Mark demanded.
   Lisa balked at first, but came willingly.
   The door closed and we were on our way back up. Lisa just watched for a second while I jerked Mark off; unsure what to do. I’d yanked his pants down to his knees, and his enormous dick was pointing straight up and out the top of his boxer-briefs while I stroked it. Mark grabbed Lisa by her dark auburn hair and pulled her in for a kiss. Their lips fell together in an unrecognizable blur. I felt a sudden pang of jealousy, and gripped his cock tightly. When he failed to respond, I reached my other hand across and pulled Lisa’s blouse open, popping the buttons off in the process, revealing a pink satin bra underneath that I knew needed to go.
   To this day I still have no idea what came over me, I was the last girl I ever thought would be in a situation like this.
   “Take it off,” I ordered Lisa.
   She removed her blouse without taking her lips from Marks. Part of me wanted her to go away and leave us alone, but worried that that might upset Mark.
   We’d reached our destination, but this time when the elevator doors opened, there was nobody there to greet us. I hit the emergency stop knob and we stood there in the elevator with the doors open.
   Mark pushed Lisa away for a brief moment and placed a strong hand on my shoulder. Lisa took the opportunity to wiggle out of her skirt, removing all of her clothing but the pink thong that matched her bra. The time had apparently come for me to stop teasing him, Mark pushed me to my knees with one hand. I settled in before him, and liberated his throbbing cock from the boxer-briefs that I was right about him wearing. My slit was soaking through my own silk thong, and I reached down to feel my clit before taking Mark in my mouth. Mark’s knees knocked at the first feel of my tongue on his love muscle. I jammed it in my mouth aggressively; the head of his dick stretching my lips. I closed my eyes and inhaled the musky smell of his balls as his cock slid effortlessly in and out of my lucky mouth. My previous estimation of Mark’s exceptional size was further supported when Lisa exclaimed that she might not be able to take all of him in her mouth.


Enter the Rafflecopter below for a chance to win a kindle version or a PDF review of my latest release, The Silken Edge. Ciara also has a contest going on over at her facebook page (also a part of my giveaway), be sure to check it out!



  1. This interview with Ciara was fantastic now here is a women I would love to party with.
    I love Ciara's books and am so happy she is expanding into lengthier books as that was my only criticism was that you were drawn into a great story with amazing characters then it was over. I can not wait.

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    Thanks for the giveaway.


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